• SOS

    Emergency Services are contacted immediately no matter your location around the world.
  • Notification

    Notifiy unlimited contacts with your current location and message.
  • Accident/Impact

    Patent pending automatic accident monitoring, will contact emergency services for you anywhere in the world.
  • Onboard Diagnostics

    See real-time your Airbag Status, Speed, RPM, Load, Fuel and be notified with a variety of OBD-II issue
  • Health & Wellness

    Manage your health and wellness with Personal and Emergency Response communication.

The My911 Platform

My911 is a multifunctional platform that resides on the users smartphone device with connectivity to the users personal and health information (PHR) stored in a secure HIPAA compliant cloud environment. The platform offers users a Pre and Post Emergency service along with Health and Wellness monitoring and communication capabilities for individuals of all ages and conditions.

The My911 Health and Wellness Continum is an agnostic aggregator for hundreds of Bluetooth, ANT+ and Wi-Fi devices that capture and communicate vital personal readings. With the My911 Personal Health Record (PHR) users/patients can store this information for their own personal record and/or for sharing specific data with ones caregiver(s)/clinician/insurance carrier/hospital. In addition, My911 provides storage and connectivity to the users PHR while serving as a conduit (data highway) for that user to numerous Health-Clouds, allowing that user the ability to share the specific data between themselves and user approved caregiver/clinicians/insurance carriers/hospitals.

My911 Core Pre and Post Emergency Platform

Never Alone Again!

Whether you are camping, hiking, riding your bicycle, driving your motorcycle or driving in your car, My911 offers you a full featured versatile solution for your smartphone or standard cell phone. Video Overview of the My911 application

No matter the emergency, My911 instantaneously triggers an emergency response call conveying your exact location and other critical information to emergency personnel. My911’s comprehensive service also provides the following features:
  • Accident and Impact Management (patent pending)
  • Airbag Deployment management (patent pending)
  • Onboard Vehicle Diagnostics (OBD)
  • Health Device Interface with automated emergency and non-emergency communications
  • International and National SOS
  • Cyber Alert Notification Management
  • Personal Location Notification
  • Traffic Alerts
  • Extensive Online Tracking Management Portal:
  • Including: Geo-Fencing, Trip Reporting, Speed Reporting, Incident Tracking and Reporting
  • Corporate Solutions and White Label versions